Zushlag Wedding


The benefit of having Facebook is that it is a great advertising tool. If it was not for Facebook I would not of been able to share my amazing images with people back from home. Recently my fifth grade teacher asked me to photograph her daughter’s wedding. Of course I knew her daughter too as she went to school with me and was just a year younger than me. After coordinating back and forth through the internet via e-mail and Facebook the day came. It was my first ever New Years Eve wedding. It took place at Thiel College and was absolutely beautiful as was the bride.

It was an evening ceremony so the lighting was a bit tough for outside shots. I brought my two 530 EXes with me. There was not too much worry with the pictures inside the church, as usual they would not let me use flash during the ceremony. I still have never seen a reason for this though. It is sad that churches will not allow it so the bride and groom would get even better quality images. The bride and grooms families were absolutely wonderful to work with. There were hardly any photos that I had to manipulate due to them being so well at keeping their eyes open and having wonderful smiles.

After the ceremony we had a fun opportunity to go around different places on the college campus. We went to the domed football field and had a chance to shoot inside. The groomsmen decided to pay tribute to Tim Tebow and did his signature pose as seen above, please click for larger image.

As the night came to an end, I thought it was a great time shooting my first New Years Eve wedding. I would definitely do it again.

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