Katz Family Outing

Family sessions are always fun, especially when they are more candid. If you have kids it is best to have them in areas where they are comfortable and are able to be themselves. That was the idea of this shoot, the focus of course was more on the children, but to also capture a great family moment. Bax Photography met up with Katz family in Ogden Park. There we decided to let the kids to continue to play on the park playground.

kids ogden park playgroundAfterwards we did some more of the family group photos. I decided to take the family by the pond area and took some images there. Then I felt it was best for maybe the kids to sit down, so we moved our family session over to the football field bleachers.



In the end I still found it the best to go back to candids. I love just catching the real moments of the family and not the staged moments. At least in the photo above the family was having a great time and I was still able to mix up the candids with the staged. Check below for the rest of the images of the Ogden Park Family Session I did.


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